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And "Conta'm un conte" storytelling


For children aged 0 to 14 years old. Books, CDs and DVDs classified by age for children and parents to consult items accordingly to age.


Biblioteca de Dénia. 

Sala Infantil.


Carrer Sant Josep, 6

 03700 Dénia

Phone: 96 578 36 65



Monday to Friday: 8.30 a 21 h
Saturdays: 10 a 13,30 h

Summer (July, August):
Monday to Friday: 8.30 a 21 h
Closed on Saturdays.


Reading room.


Conditions: only for holders of a library card belonging to the XLPV (Valencian Public Libraries Network). Becoming a member: DNI and a photo.

Your borrowing rights will be suspended if the borrowed items are not returned after the loan period. The suspension is based on the following rule: a day a item is not returned a day you are not allowed to borrow it.

Books: a maximum of 3 items for a loan period of 15 days (can be renewed)

Music: a maximum of 2 CDs for a loan period of 7 days (can not be renewed)
Video: a maximum of 2 DVDs for a loan period of 7 days (can not be renewed)

Journals and magazines can be found such as: Babia, Okapi, Camacuc, Reporter Doc.

Interlibrary Loan.  You can borrow materials that are owned by another library making a request with your local library. Restrictions apply.

Reading Activities: stroytelling, library marketing, etc.

Visits of schools: schools may visit the Children Library and the Local Library.


Reading of stories for children in Valencian or Spanish Languages.

DATES: The sessions will be announced in advance and will be held around 17:30h during the academic season. 


Biblioteca de Dénia. Carrer Sant Josep, 6.

To know the programme:

- Tel. 96 578 36 65

- Facebook, twitter:  @bibliotecadenia