At night back


Enjoy the cultural and recreational activities which take place during the Dénia nights, such as for example, in summer, the Castle is the ideal spot for the celebration of the "Música al Castell- Festival de Música Tradicional y Popular" (Music in the Castle - Traditional and Popular Music Festival) concerts, which fill the nights with melodies, songs and musical notes from diverse regions of Spain and countries worldwide

Also during thesummer season, you can watch the films at "Cine Vora Mar" (Cinema by the Sea) which take place at the beach. The International Music Week (August) and the Muestra de Danza folklórica [Folk Dance Performance] (1st week of September) are other activities which are celebrated year after year so you can enjoy your free time. .

What shall we do this weekend?

If you like to listen to LIVE MUSIC or have a good time at the latest THEATRE PLAYS, MONOLOGUES and SHOWS, etc. Dénia is the spot for you! In this section, we will redirect you to the profiles in the Social Networks of your favourite sites so that you are up-to-date with the latest performances.

Visit La Marserena (port El Portet), Buddha and Zensa (port Marina de Dénia), if you wish to enjoy a delicious cocktail, good music and incredible views outdoors!

Come to La Mar street and have a drink with good live music at Paddy O'Connell, Dorian Gray or in La Chica de Ayer.

If you want to have a good time as you enjoy the best monologues, theatre plays and shows the Condado is the place for you! .